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The Ghost in Me

The Ghost in Me is the first Dark Romance Novel written by Alysha Black. It will capture you with an extremely intense, passional, lustful and brutal world, in a not so far future in a quite different Las Vegas. The protagonist, Amara, will face an evil, mysterious man, an evil destiny and an unimaginable amount of misfortunes that will lead her to a new version of herself.

The Ghost in Me

My life was perfect... I had a family, I had a full life, a bright future following my dream of becoming a doctor... I had a passion that made me happy.
I thought I would spend my 26th birthday together with my two best friends: Jasmine who encouraged me to find a boyfriend and Natalie who took my part, saying that when I met the right one I would have understood it... instead it didn't go so.
On April 12, 2067 my life changed... everything that once mattered had been crushed, put aside, buried by my new obsession...
he arrived... and then everyone died.

Now I live in a world where the rules no longer apply... where everything is allowed.
I became his... and I did it of my own free will despite that horrible world to which he belongs.
I like to think I really had the opportunity to choose, but it's not the truth.

My name is Amara... and this is my story.


Amara... emerald eyes, black hair and a stunning fair skin. Her mediterranean beauty attracts the eyes of many, but she has no idea what attraction is... she never met a man who made her lose her mind... her life is just perfect the way it is and she doesn’t care... she doesn’t need a man by her side. She has always been a strong and independent woman but... on a day like another... on an April afternoon... her life will change for ever because with her beauty she captured the interest of a legend... and he’ll never let her go.

I'm becoming addicted to this man and I don't know why. I don't know him. I know he's evil. I know he's exremely dangerous but I don't care... I don't care at all...


The Stranger

Who is the man that will change Amara's life for ever? She only knows what she felt: the danger... the power... the evilness of his soul. Is he real? The only thing she is sure of is that his ice blue eyes will hunt her forever.

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